The Pantry opens a new café in Colinton & serves up the perfect toastie

I’ve had many a Friday morning meeting with clients at The Pantry in Stockbridge and have longingly looked on at other tables enjoying their breakfast, whilst I sipped my coffee feeling slightly tortured by all the wonderful smells wafting under my nose. But for some reason I never made it back there for brunch at the weekend, that is until now…

Seafood Salad

Seafood Salad

A couple of weekends ago we made the trip south of the city to leafy Colinton for a spot of lunch on a Saturday. It was another one of our family outings with the small menace and granny both on tow. Granny and I are both partial to a toastie and it didn’t take us long to see the fine cheese toastie featuring a delicious flat bread. I’m not always fond of slaw, but this complemented the toastie quite well and brought out the tanginess of the gherkin on the side.

Ultimate cheese toastie

Ultimate cheese toastie

With eyes bigger than my stomach having been to the gym earlier in the morning, I felt I could top up the toastie with a nice salad on the side. They had an unusual kale, Caesar salad with big shavings of parmesan and anchovies on top. It was very nice, but not necessarily the best combo with the toastie – not good menu mixing on my part.

Kale ceasar salad

Kale ceasar salad

My husband always spots the seafood on a menu and lunch at The Pantry was no exception. He very quickly clocked a rustic seafood salad. The dish was served warm and the dark plate oozed with colour from the vibrant mussels to the chunky pink prawns and the seared octopus and scallops. Although it looked on the menu like a light option, it was a very generous serving of succulent seafood mixed with sautéed potatoes and a coriander dressing.

We certainly sampled a variety of dishes and everyone seemed content when the plates were taken away, but there was still enough room for a sweet treat over coffee. The menace had his own slab of chocolate brownie, leaving the three adults to politely share one together. A nice gooey middle left its mark on your fingers, as we delicately tried to eat small pieces ensuring we all had our fair share.

The café had been busy since we walked in the door with a steady change of tables, so I was glad that for once I had been organised to book a table in advance. It’s not something I would typically do for lunch, but always best to be prepared when granny tags along!

A note to other families visiting with their kids, if they seem to vaporise into thin air and you start to panic, check out the back of the café where there is a lovely little soft play area. We had no idea it was there, but children have a sixth sense about these things and on the way back from the toilet, someone small got distracted when they tripped across this little amusement zone.

The Pantry

2-4 Bridge Road, Colinton
Edinburgh, EH13 0LF

Telephone: 0131 629 4420

Instagram: ThePantryMan | Twitter: @thepantryman | Facebook: The Pantry Edinburgh

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