#KombuchaStory – mine started at Aizle

Kombucha drinks and excellent snacks at Aizle. Now home to make my own!

Kombucha drinks and excellent snacks at Aizle. Now home to make my own!

I was invited to Aizle for a kombucha masterclass and came away with my own SCOBY – what a scoop!

A SCOBY is the dymbiotic colony of bacteria & yeast used to make kombucha, a fermented tea-based drink that’s been popular for centuries. It’s one of those that are supposed to help keep you reg’lar, with all the beneficial side-effects of that: improved mental acuity, great skin, all that. Give the SCOBY sugar and tea and it returns a tangy liquid that is usually served mixed with water and juices for flavour. Kombuchac can taste anywhere from pop to apple cider vinegar.

As well as tasting a kombucha cocktail, we tried a spicy, tart kombucha flavoured with ginger, nutmeg and orange, we had a sweet variety flavoured with grenadine. We also tried a raw, two-month-old kombucha: a heady, cloudy and zingy drink.

Kombucha fermenting happily at Aizle.

Kombucha fermenting happily at Aizle.

I cannot wait to make my own. I want to flavour it with beetroot and blueberries, and I’m curious how Lapsang will affect the flavour profile. Watch this space: I’ll write more about kombucha in the months to come. Meanwhile, Aizle is one of very few places in Edinburgh where you can try it.

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