Mara seaweed recipes

Vegetable soup with sea weed and crusty bread - perfect for lunch

Isn’t it odd that we associate eating seaweed with Asian cuisine? After all, we have actually used it in this country for centuries, in fact since prehistoric times. It’s time to change that. When you need a savoury, salty touch use seaweed! I’ve been trying out some samples from Mara Seaweed…

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Savouring our Wild Foods

Ben Read - Photo Courtesy of Nordic Food Lab

There are about a dozen of us sat round a table upstairs in Iglu restaurant, Edinburgh. We’re there in part because Ben Reade worked at the restaurant some 7 years ago and partly as he’s now Head of Culinary Research and Development at the Nordic Food Lab based in Copenhagen,…

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Wagamama wows Edinburgh

Firecracker Prawns - Photographs courtesy of Wagamama's

Danielle: I’d been staring longingly at Wagamama’s each time I walked past but my resolve stayed until it was time to experience the Winter menu  or otherwise known as the UK specials. I’ve been hearing good reports from everyone who’d visited, not just Caroline! Choosing to get there at noon…

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Just seaweed? No, an essential ingredient

Iain McKellar Just Seaweed

Several friends have mentioned their love of seaweed recently – one vegetarian loves it for its delicious taste of the sea without compromising his principles! I love eating samphire, and am keen to try cooking with seaweed. So I thought I’d start by getting in touch with Iain McKellar of Just Seaweed to find out more about this overlooked ingredient.

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