Sweet Dreams: Chocolates and Marshmallows

Sweet dreams are made of this: Chocolates from Coco and first Marshmallows from Burgh Bakes.


Strawberries and Cream Marshmallows

Strawberries and Cream Marshmallows

How long is it since you ate a marshmallow? How would you describe the taste?

Chances are you’ll say quite a while and squidgy and over sweet. Prepare to have all your perceptions challenged.

Nicole at Burgh Bakes uses as many natural ingredients as she can to create a range of 11 different flavours of marshmallow including vanilla bean, seasonal berry, chocolate, key lime pie, millionaire shortbread, caramel swirl, mint chocolate, cherry & chocolate, lemon meringue and reverse Rocky Road

These are large soft pillow-y squares. The flavours are delicate and natural. Rather than scoff all the ones Nicole sent me to try, I shared them with friends. They soon rather resembled hamsters albeit with silly grins as they tasted the flavours. No clear consensus was made, but three of the most favoured of the ones we tasted were raspberry, key lime pie and cherry and chocolate.

They’d make great party or wedding favours, but mostly just a lovely treat. You can order from Nicole direct or they’re now available at Earthy Foods. An updated website is due soon.


Coco of Broughton Street

Coco of Broughton Street

If you know Bruntsfield, I am sure you’ve come across Coco of Bruntsfield a local chocolate maker (all the chocolates are made in Ratho). When they first started up, they stocked ranges from various companies, but now their stock is all of their own creation.

They’ve now just opened a new shop in Broughton Street. It’s another beautiful shop with 4 or five stools where you can sit and enjoy a drink;  floor to ceiling racks of chocolates and a counter groaning with yet more. The decision to move to Broughton Street is a great one – they were already supplying wholesale to 4 or 5 businesses in the area and had spotted that locals to that area might not just make it all the way over to Bruntsfield.

On the opening evening, we sampled and sampled.  Our favourite was a new introduction,dark chocolate lemon and thyme – really exceptional. We also loved the chilli chocolates – the fire-y-ness sneaks up on you very nicely. There’s a huge variety of chocolates to choose from and all are beautifully packaged. A very welcome edition to the area!

They also hold chocolate workshops and for those of you out of town, you can order online.

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  1. These sound amazing!!!! I’ve heard nothing but good things about Burgh Bakes, and would love some key lime pie marshmellows about now!!!! 😀

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