Snacking the Basque Way

Pinxtos tend not to be vegetarian, these are an exception

Imagine going into a bar in your town and you find rubbish strewn across the floor. You’d probably walk straight out, wouldn’t you? Not in the Basque Country. This is a sign that the bar serves very good pintxos. These are small morsels of food, often but not always, served…

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Royal Mile Market at the Tron Kirk


Since it ceased to be a church in 1952, the Tron Kirk has only been open to the public sporadically. It’s been an on-and-off tourist information centre and served as a live music venue during the Fringe and Hogmanay. But now it finally has its doors open to the public…

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Aizle – Embracing the absent menu

Pork and Clams at Aizle

I’m not one to gush, butohmygodgotoAizlerightnow. Just stop. Drop whatever you’re doing  and book your dinner at Edinburgh’s new dining experience, Aizle. It’s a charming place, with a well thought-out concept, staffed by talented people who are creating and serving fantastically fresh, deliciously dynamic food. You won’t be sorry. (Unless, of course,…

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A Day to Savour at Summerhall


The Summerhall arts space, in the old Dick Vet, has established itself as an absolute gem of a place, playing host to all manner of intriguing events, exhibitions and shows. The middle Sunday of June saw it transformed into a food-lovers paradise called Savour, a festival of food arranged across…

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