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Blythe says
It’s always lovely to see Danielle for lunch, but today my restaurant choice rather let us down, as Leven’s really didn’t hit the spot. Things were salvaged, and then some, but a post-prandial trip to Pekoe Tea, just a few doors down.

Warm glass glasses

Pekoe is a lovely little tea shop, with room for just about half a
dozen folks to sit down, whilst others browse the delectable selection of teas from the surrounding shelves. We were very fortunate to secure a spot, so we could sample from their wide range.

As ever, I was drawn to the shiny object on the menu. Today, this took the form of a tea called white monkey, a Chinese green tea. As with Danielle and MJ’s oolong, I had to patiently wait while the bright sands of the egg-timer tea-timer sped through the hourglass, until my brew was perfectly formed.

Tea timers

The little glass teapots, complete with in-built strainer, were very neat, and I must pick one up, next time I’m in.

The tea itself was light and refreshing, and just the tonic required after a disappointing lunch. The service was attentive and knowledgeable. If we’d had more time, I could have gladly sat there for the afternoon, experimenting with brew after brew.

So, I heartily recommend that you pay Pekoe Tea a visit. If you’re lucky enough to get a spot on one of their tables, relax and try something new. If you’re not, pick out something from their excellent range, take it home, and use it to bring calm to your otherwise hectic

MJ says
For me, the highlight of a day like this Friday was finishing teaching and heading to meet such lovely people for lunch, and then, to cap it off with the wee gem of a tea place couldn’t have brought our time to a more satisfactory conclusion.

Small but well-formed shop

I’ve never been to a tea shop. And this one had 2 tables and about 6 chairs pushed to the side of a small space that was lit magnificently by the large road-facing windows and was lined with row upon row tea. Where I’m from, we have 2 kinds of tea: sweet and unsweet; awlays served over ice and with an optional slice of lemon, so I am slowly getting into the swing of the tea culture and after my (goodness!) 5.5 years here in the UK, I am still a bit wary of making a Brit a cuppa (is it milk first? tea first? sugar? do i stir it 3.6 times counterclockwise while singing God Save the Queen?-eek!), but Pekoe Tea takes tea to a level of a fine art.

After Blythe chose the ‘shiny’ tea and sat back triumphantly, Danielle and I chose the fragrant orange tea. After a few minutes of looking at the various stocks and contemplating the bits and bobs of tea-making apparatus that was on sale, including beautiful sets of tea pots and cups which would make perfect gifts, three warm, clear glasses arrived. A few moments later, two clear tea pots were delivered with a time that was flipped over and we were told to let it go until our preferred strength was reached. Blythe and I contemplated how many of these nifty contraptions have walked away over the time they’ve been open, but soon his tea arrived and I poured up a cup of deliciously organgey tea. The tea was smooth and the fragrance hit me more than the taste, which is what I want with a nice tea that is high quality–you know, one that doesn’t kick you in the back of the throat like some can do, and I thoroughly enjoyed my cup.

Orange tea

If I ever find myself in the area again and wanting something that is relaxing and a more refined than my standard cup of tea, I’ll pop in and say hello to the friendly owner and staff and definitely by one of those nifty strainers that slip into the pot’s spout, and perhaps a timer, and a glass tea pot, and a dainty set of cups…OH! I need to go back!

Edinburgh Teahouses Ltd. (PekoeTea)
20 Leven Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9LJ
Phone: 0131 477 1838

Monkey and orange teas

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  2. I love the tea cups (/glasses) and timers. What a great find.

    Unfortunately when I was briefly living in Edinburgh I didn’t know about Pekoe Tea, but this is on my list for when I return!

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