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Hot from our Valentine’s Night In suggestions, Blythe and I went along to All Bar One to try a different Valentine’s Night out – one making cocktails.

At All Bar One until the 15th February, you can sit at the cocktail mixing experience table from 5pm to try your hand at cocktail making and pick up a copy of A Pocket Guide to Flirting. Not just for Valentine’s day you can book in for the full masterclass at any time (minimum numbers apply)

Not simply for the unattached and adventurous, flirting is a skill everyone can master.

We’d suggest that the same is true for making cocktails. I’ll hand you over to Blythe to tell you about our evening.


It’s always lovely to catch up with Danielle, so when she suggested coming along to join a cocktail masterclass at All Bar One, I was more than happy to say yes.

Their busy and vibrant George Street Branch was our location. Bar manager Chris greeted us on arrival, then introduced us to our cocktail shaker for the evening, Scott.

Disaronno sours

Disaronno sours

Taking a seat at the end of their long bar, Scott took us through our options for the evening, which were to sample two of the three cocktails from their regular masterclass menu.

We started with a Disaronno sour, which Scott stepped us through with calm clarity, then turned over the measures and mixers to me, so I could have a go. I’m a great fan of sours, with a North Berwick gin white lady a particular favourite, so I was keen to see whether I could put together one that hit the spot.

Danielle shaking the gin berry cobbler

Danielle shaking the gin berry cobbler

The major sensation when shaking the drink was how very cold the shaker got, but I have massively wimpish tolerance for hot and cold. I did a perfectly passable job producing a completely drinkable cocktail that was not bad at all.

Danielle took charge of the Gin Berry Cobbler, once Scott had shown us the steps. This was another rather good confection, bringing together a nicely balanced Rothschild Viognier with berries, gin, sugar syrup and lime juice.

The finished article

The finished article

Throughout, Scott kept the chat ticking along very nicely and the atmosphere of the place matched the very pleasantly pervading sense of fun. After making cocktails, we supped on 5 tasty sharing plates.

It was a very enjoyable evening, so thanks to Scott and Chris, as well as the folks at Roche communications for the invitation.


I was amazed to see how one cup is jammed into another to make a shaker. It made absolute sense to shake over one shoulder in case it comes undone. My cocktail needed shaking for longer to crush the fruit – great exercise.

Thank goodness Blythe was snapping away, my photos were all blurred! Can I blame it on the cocktails? Did we learn to flirt? Perhaps not, but we suggest All Bar One is a great place to do so!

Find out more

The cocktail masterclass is £20 per person (minimum numbers apply).  The Pocket Guide to Flirting was created by social and cultural  anthropologist Jean Smith. You can get your free copy at any All Bar One until 15 February 2015.

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