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This post is unashamedly for parents and grandparents. And of course for their offspring. It’s a new departure for us, but we’re always interested in food, whatever form it takes!

Super Dish Baby foodsMy tester for this post is Tilly. She’s nearly 16 months old.  Since she was about 5 months old, she’s been feeding herself – yes really! I had never heard about baby led weaning and was fascinated (and sometimes alarmed) at this method. Basically, you give your baby slivers of vegetables, chunks of bread and she pops it into her mouth. The alarming part comes when rather a lot gets stuffed in and you think “How on earth is this going to work? She has no teeth”. But, big smiles all round she chomps on the food and it all goes down.

The beauty of this method is that you, the parent, can sit and eat your supper alongside, no shovelling needed. Tilly has been infinitely portable. It’s easy to go to a restaurant, pop her in the highchair and let her get on with it.

The consequence of this is that Tilly has mostly eaten food in pieces, no traditional purees or standard baby food. It’s only relatively recently that she’s graduated to feeding herself by spoon. And a whole world has been opened up!

Tilly’s Mum works full time, so finding something nutritious, easy to prepare and that Tilly likes becomes ever more important. So the offer to try Super Dish came just at the right time.


Tilly tucks in

Tilly tucks in

Super Dish(es) Arrive

Tilly’s Mum was a bit concerned as she couldn’t be in when the courier was due. The package was delivered to a neighbour and but was still well frozen some hours later. “The packaging is very attractive. The food is very simple to serve up, just a matter of minutes in the microwave and it’s ready.

“The texture is a not too smooth, not too lumpy.  Of course I had to have a taste, and it was tasty”.

Tilly’s Verdict

Tilly tucked into the dishes. Her particular favourite was the spaghetti bolognaise. And she managed not to get too messy!

How it began

Food-lover, blogger and mother of two Lesley Harris launched  Super Duper Foods after struggling to find nutritious foods that were tasty enough for her and her baby. She made dishes  and shared with them with other Mums who soon endorsed how good they were. Her new SuperDish range consists of six different baby and toddler meals that are all hand-prepared by Lesley herself, and then quickly frozen to retain taste, texture and nutrition.

It’s been quite a journey. You might remember her from the early rounds of Masterchef in 2009. Since then, her business has become an all consuming passion. Refused a loan by the banks, she remortgaged her house and after two years hard work launched the range date last month.

Find out More

More please!

More please!

The SuperDish range includes meals suitable for babies aged six months up to three years old. All dishes are made from fresh, hand-selected vegetables, herbs and fruits all chosen by Lesley, and quality meats and fish, sourced from British farms.

Ingredients are selected for their nutritional properties essential to a healthy diet . All SuperDish meals have been tested for their nutritional benefits by an independent science laboratory – so everything on the label is backed up by the experts.

Dishes range in price from £2.55 (for vegetarian dishes) to £2.75 (for salmon and trout) per dish. The food is delivered by an overnight courier in special, purpose-made boxes with dry ice to ensure that the food stays frozen up to 36 hours.

As an introductory offer, at time of writing there’s 20% off your first order. 

Flavours include:

  • Macaroni cheese with parsley, spinach and peas – Calcium for strong teeth & bones
  • Five vegetable ratatouille with herby couscous – Magnesium to help muscle function
  • Lamb, beans and super greens with pearl barley – Iron to help brain function
  • Spaghetti bolognaise with tomato, beetroot and carrot – Zinc to help healthy vision
  • Chicken and lentil curry with spinach and coconut rice – Thiamine to help healthy hearts
  • Salmon and trout pie with broccoli, dill and sweet potato – Vitamin B6 to help the immune system

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