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One of the questions I am often asked is “Who is Edinburgh Foody?” For most of this year, we have been quite a different blog. We have had some very special writers join Caroline and I to write posts. I spent much of the year in France, and they stepped in to help. I love the different voice they’ve given to the blog, their different perspectives and enthusiasm. A big thank you very much to all our writers.

I loved Amy Brewer’s comment  (with the name of restaurant removed). “I loved my review of x not because the food stood out for me, but because I had to think carefully about how I phrased my review. I enjoyed the challenge of being fair – I didn’t want to put the place down just because I didn’t like it, when others might enjoy it. I think blogs should be written and read with their context in mind.”

This so sums up what we do. We always try to be fair, and if there is something we really do not like, we do not write about it. We’re sure it is something you and all the people we work with appreciate!

This year’s favourites

I asked our regular bloggers what their favourite posts were. Enjoy reading the posts again with their comments in mind! Caroline and I add our favourites too. We’re heading for our fifth year and with more than 400 posts, we are so proud of what we have done, and will do!

Caroline’s favourite

Locanda di Gusti

This was my favourite post

The sun gilded Dalry Road as Rosario showed how to shape pasta in Locanda de Gusti's kitchen.

The sun gilded Dalry Road as Rosario showed how to shape pasta in Locanda de Gusti’s kitchen.

Why? It has all the things that makes blogging such fun: meeting and learning from an interesting, passionate chef, recipes I’ll use again and again, and an opportunity to tell our readers about a great restaurant.
Blythe’s favourite post


The Valcomino Expo  was gloriously bonkers, so is my favourite post from this year.

It was something so completely out of my usual routine and offered a great insight into the produce of the Valle di Comino, so will live long in the memory, especially the pasta served in the huge hollowed-out cheese.
A master at work

A master at work

Caroline Rye’s favourite post

Craigies Farm

Craigies PYO fruit farm.

Craigies PYO fruit farm.

My favourite post? That would be my visit to Craigies fruit farm this summer. It’s the only pick your own farm left near Edinburgh now, and as well as growing delicious fruit it gives people, especially children, the chance to see where their food comes from and how it’s grown.

It’s great to be able to pick a wide range of Scottish fruit, in season and picked when they are at their best for flavour. It’s also ideal for buying large quantities of fruits for jam making, freezing and preserving to enjoy in the colder months.
Amy’s favourite post


Very simply, the best meal I had all year was at Aizle.

Pork and Clams at Aizle

Pork and Clams at Aizle. Photo by Sally Jubb

Danielle’s favourite post

Seafish Scotland

Held at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society by Seafood Scotland, this was my favourite on several levels. Not only was it the first time that I was convinced matching whisky with food really worked (thank you Whisky Belle), but I gained a fascinating insight into the industry from the guests at the event and at a subsequent visit to J B Seafood.

Crab cannelloni, smoked cauliflower custard, lemon pearls, coriander paired with 28 year old "Cottage garden beside a church"

Crab cannelloni, smoked cauliflower custard, lemon pearls, coriander paired with 28 year old “Cottage garden beside a church”

Sophie and Vohn

Thank you also to Sophie for her wonderful Galette de Rois post (among others) and for Vohn for her review of the recipe book Patisserie.

My home baked Galette des Rois

My home baked Galette des Rois

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