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I wrote about Edinburgh restaurants that deliver at the beginning of lockdown. As the situation normalises, a number of chefs are returning to the kitchen, doing what they can to get food out to customers. We’re not going back to restaurant dining ‘as usual’ anytime soon. Here’s a list of some that have opened in the last month.

The Gardener's Cottage served a one-off, vegan-friendly From Root to Leaf tasting menu.

The Gardener’s Cottage served a one-off, vegan-friendly From Root to Leaf tasting menu.


83 Hanover Street

  • Fabulous South American food with a Scottish twist. Full of colour and flavour. The Nuestro Sabor en Su Casa (our flavour in your home)  menu offers new dishes every week, six per menu, enough for two to share. Each week also sees  a number of  blackboard specials to tempt you. Wine and cocktails are also available.
  • Menus go live on Sunday noon. Pick up the following Friday or Saturday between 12pm – 4pm, or have the menu delivered.
  • Check out the menu and order online.

Caroline was at the launch of their brunch menu just before lockdown.

Black pudding, potatoes, egg and chillies. What absolute brunch perfection.

Black pudding, potatoes, egg and chillies. What absolute brunch perfection.

Instagram: 83hanoverstreetFacebook: 83hanoverstreet


  • Modern, local and seasonal food treated with respect and served with panache.
  • Pick-up or delivery (for orders over £15, DELIVERY FEE £2), Wednesday through Sunday.
  • Order and pay through Just Eat.

Instagram: @auroraedinburghTwitter: @AuroraEdinburghFacebook: Aurora Edinburgh

Café @ Home from Café St Honoré

  • French food with Scottish produce from one of Edinburgh’s best restaurants. Here at Edinburgh Foody, we’re very fond of chef Neil Forbes for his skills in the kitchen and passion for sustainable food.
  • Three-course dinner for two with bread and wine for £67.50.
  • Order by phone on 0131 226 2211 Monday 12pm – 3pm, and Tuesday 30th June 12 – 2pm. Payment will be taken when you call.
  • Collection only (but the restaurant is so good I decided to include them anyway), Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Food can sit in the fridge for 48 hours.

Read about the One Planet Plate initiative launch at Café St Honore a couple of years ago.

Instagram: cafesthonore | Twitter: @CafeStHonore

Chop House @ Home

  • This one requires a bit of assembly: if you don’t have one, order a meat thermometer while you’re at it. Steak dinners to die for – well-aged beef with trimmings, BBQ packs, surf & turf, sides, cheese plates, cocktails and wine. If you long for steak, look no further.
  • BBQ packs go from £24-50, steak dinners £65-95, sides are £5, cheese plates £15.
  • Friday and Saturday, collection or delivery (delivery cost £4.50).
  • Order and pay online.

Read our review of their Sunday roast.

New kid on the block - Chop House at the Arches

New kid on the block – Chop House at the Arches

Instagram: chophousesteakTwitter: @chophousesteakFacebook: chophousesteak

Dine @ Home

  • Wine, dine and cocktails at home. Seasonal ingredients cooked with classic flair, sourced locally to support suppliers. Desserts are to share. A different menu each week.
  • A three-course menu for two, with olives and a bottle of wine, is £49. For four (and two bottles of wine) £95.
  • Check out the menu, then order online.

Instagram: dineedinburgh | Twitter: @DineEdinburgh | Facebook: DineEdinburgh

First Coast

  • I like First Coast a lot: it’s friendly, serves interesting food and is good value. A great neighbourhood restaurant. This week, they’ve launched a vegan @ Home menu and I’ve ordered it. I’ll let you know what I think.
  • A three-course meal is £20, minimum order is £40. Pickup or delivery (delivery cost £3). Check the website for delivery areas – at the time of writing they deliver EH1 through EH16.
  • Order and pay online.

Read Caroline’s review of the restaurant.

Instagram: firstcoast1 | Twitter: @FirstCoast1 | Facebook: firstcoastrestaurant

La Garrigue

  • Authentic Languedoc cuisine: think hearty, seasonal and slow cooked.
  • A three course meal is £22, which is also the minimum order.
  • Pickup or delivery (delivery cost £5).
  • Order and pay online.

Read Caroline’s review of La Garrigue @ Home.

Mackerel rillettes with pickled veg from La Garrigue. Crispbread, photographer's own.

Mackerel rillettes with pickled veg from La Garrigue. Crispbread, photographer’s own.

Instagram: la_garrigue | Twitter: @lagarriguerest | Facebook: LaGarrigueEd

L’escargot bleu @ Home

  • Authentic French cuisine from a Slow Food Scotland supporter whose wine bar I miss more than I can say. Go informal with cheese platters, cheese fondue or a seafood platter, or pick from the starters, mains and desserts, add wine and have a wonderful night.
  • Collection on Thursday or Friday, delivery (cost £5) on Friday.
  • Orders are taken Tuesday and Wednesday; lines open 10am – 1pm, and then 2 – 4pm. Phone 0131 557 1600 and ask for Betty.

Read Caroline’s review of L’escargot blanc.

Instagram: lescargot_edin | Twitter: Lescargot_Edin | Facebook: lescargotbleuedinburgh

Le Roi Fou

  • Fun and fab French menu with fish, meat and veggie options, three courses or a mixture to share – as you like it.
  • Open Friday through Monday. Order online. Ensure your order is in by 10am the day before you want it.
  • Pick up or delivery.

Read Nikki’s review.

Scallops & asparagus

Scallops & asparagus

Instagram: leroifou_edinburgh | Facebook: LeRoiFouEdinburgh

Locanda de Gusti

  • The slogan is Honest, Sincere, Simple and Locanda’s food is that, in spades. (Yes, here’s another restaurant I’m a super-fan of.)  Authentic Neapolitan food made with the very best Scottish ingredients. Simple, hearty, delicious. Bread, burrata, pasta, potato and octopus salad, amazing sea food, grilled meats, cannoli.
  • Thursday through Saturday, 4pm – 9pm. To pre-order, call 01313468800 after 2pm.
  • Order from Uber Eats for delivery.

Read about when Caroline made pasta with chef Rosario.

Instagram: locandadegustiTwitter: @LocandaDGFacebook: locandaDG

Otro & New Chapter

  • A variety of small plates and larger dishes, cocktails and wine to mix and match: Saturday night nibbles and wine or a full dinner. It’s up to you. There’s also a Sunday roast delivery. Check the website for all the details.
  • Minimum order £20.
  • Delivery Friday and Saturday 2pm – 6pm, socially distanced pick-up Friday and Saturday 2pm – 4pm. Delivery to EH1 – EH26, EH77, EH91, EH95, EH99.
  • Order and pay online.

Instagram: otrorestaurant | Twitter: @OtroRestaurant | Facebook: otrorestaurant

The Gardener’s Cottage

  • Three course menu with bread and a side, carnivore or vegetarian. Always seasonal and locally sourced. Add wine and make an evening of it.
  • Menu £30. Add a matched wine selection for £75, cheese for £7, whisky flight for £16.50.
  • Delivery Thursday through Saturday.

Read Caroline’s review of a vegan menu.

Instagram: thegardenerscottageTwitter: @gardenersctgFacebook: The Gardener’s Cottage


Rose Theatre Café

  • Take-away coffee and cake as well as queen/king for a day packages: breakfast, lunch, dinner and treats + a bottle of wine, £50 for two, veggie options available. Queen/king also available for delivery on a Saturday. Let me know if you’ve tried it – I’m curious!
  • To order, email mary@rosetheatrecafe.com.

Instagram: rosetheatrecafeFacebook: Rose Theatre Café

* A note on alphabetising. I’ve decided to do it by first letter, including ‘the’. Normally, you don’t count the article so The Gardeners Cottage would be listed under G. But see, to be consistent, I’d then put Le Roi Fou under R and L’escargot under E. Unless, of course, I take the approach that unless the name is in English I can’t expect anyone to know whether a word or letter denotes an article or not. Which is a reasonable approach. I think my approach is reasonable too: I’m going to assume that no one knows what an article is** and order accordingly.***

** Or, indeed: what is an article.

*** Yes, these things matter.

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