Drinkly brings the booze to you (so you don’t have to go out)

Drinkly delivers beers, wines and spirits to your door. With a smile..

Drinkly delivers beers, wines and spirits to your door. With a smile..

It’s quarter to six on a Friday evening, I’m in a cab on my way to Kerry’s and I’ve forgotten to bring a bottle of wine. Instead of swearing or asking the taxi to stop at an off-license, I turn to my phone.

I  recently heard about Drinkly, an Edinburgh-based service that brings bottles to you. I order a bottle of champagne (it was Kerry’s birthday recently, after all) and pay for it online. I arrive before the bottle – but not long before. I’ve only just sat down to a glass of prosecco when A frosty cool bottle of champagne arrives at the door. I show my proof of age (because it’s only polite, regardless how unnecessary) and ta-dah!

Drinkly sells beers, wines and spirits. They can deliver to your home, to a restaurant (useful if, for example, you went to a BYOB restaurant and didn’t bring anything). It’s also a popular way of giving gifts. Give them a try!


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