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Not so long ago jams and chutneys seemed to form the bulk of products you’d find at such a food fair.

At the Speciality Food Fair in Glasgow, there were plenty of sauces and chutneys on display in such a range and variety! Caroline and I enjoyed our discovering the products and can heartily recommend checking out the following.

Simply Add Chilli

Simply Add Chilli

Simply Add Chilli

This product simply zings! Available in Wild, Mild and Extreme strengths, chilli is tempered by the addition of Scottish Strawberries tempering the harshness chillis sometimes have. A great addition to the kitchen cupboard, it’s veggie friendly with no extra salt. The company is in the process of re-branding and really stood out on the floor in glorious redness. They’re also starting to exploit social media to get their message out – do follow them on Twitter!

Oisin's Farm

Oisin’s Farm

Oisin’s Farm

We definitely fell for the charm of these chutneys. It was so refreshing to see the larger slices of vegetables rather than a blend. Our problem is, that there is no website, and no easy way to get in touch. What an opportunity missed!

Trotter’s Independent Condiments

A lovely idea to introduce seasonal products, (wild garlic chutney is on the way shortly), the range also features some cocktail themed jellies. We were particularly wowed by the Mojito Jelly and are very much looking forward to the “No bloody fair” a take on Bloody Mary! You can find Trotters at the Stockbridge Market as well as on Twitter.

Mr Trotter's Condiments

Mr Trotter’s Condiments

Little Doone

Little Doone have set us a challenge to use their sauces in some recipes, so there’s more to follow on the lovely brand of sweet balsamic dressings.

Little Doone Balsamic Dressings

Little Doone Balsamic Dressings

And so on to different types of sauces, ones that help you make supper quickly!

Atkins and Potts

We’re heading down to Berkshire for this range of sauces. We were impressed that they’re revamping their range to ensure that the sauces are, wherever possible, gluten free. They certainly look good, but we didn’t get to taste. Such a shame, and their website currently seems to be stuck at Christmas and the online ordering not operational. However, you can order on Amazon.

Atkins & Potts sauces

Atkins & Potts sauces

Gordon Rhodes

A very slickly branded range of slow cook sauces and stuffings, a little reminiscent of the Phileas Fog – remember him? A good store cupboard standby – you’ll need meat or vegetables to hand to add to the sauce for a delicious result – we loved the vegetable curry.

Win a Gordon Rhodes Bag & Apron

Win a Gordon Rhodes Bag & Apron

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