Aizle – Embracing the absent menu

Pork and Clams at Aizle

I’m not one to gush, butohmygodgotoAizlerightnow. Just stop. Drop whatever you’re doing  and book your dinner at Edinburgh’s new dining experience, Aizle. It’s a charming place, with a well thought-out concept, staffed by talented people who are creating and serving fantastically fresh, deliciously dynamic food. You won’t be sorry. (Unless, of course,…

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Molecular cocktails

Molecular Cocktail at Bistro Moderne

Doesn’t this cocktail  look fabulous? The star mixologist Alex at Bistro Moderne gave me a sneak preview of a cocktail he’s developing for this month’s Dining Club at Bistro Moderne.  I wish I could have that much flair. What makes this cocktail molecular? It’s the foam on top created with an alcohol, some…

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