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Like most experiences in my life, I approach new dining opportunities with a healthy dose of cynicism. Belted Burgers was no exception. Another burger place! How different can it be?

But it’s fair to say I was more skeptical than usual. Caroline and I had recently been to Byron as a precursor to some Film Festival fun, and I was quite disappointed. I found everything to be very greasy, which left me with a grumbly tummy during our violent Japanese tale of modern misery.

Belted Burgers

Belted Burgers: just how Amy likes them

So I was feeling cautious when I found Belted Burgers had embraced all the modern trappings of a beer-and-burger establishment: lightbulbs with exposed filaments, shiny metal surfaces and chips served in mini deep fat fryer baskets. They had, however, really taken their cow theme to heart too, with many black and white details, and otherwise opted for plates. Okay then. The benefit of the doubt was still theirs.

And rightly so, because as we know, you should never judge a book by its cover. It turns out, Belted Burgers serves burgers just how I like ‘em: a small, firm, flavourful patty inside a classic bun (alternatives were available) with lean bacon, mature cheddar cheese, tomato, red onion and fresh rocket (a.k.a “lettuce with flavour”). The meat was entirely cooked through – none of that health-and-safety-taunting pink nonsense – and the whole package held together well. Fantastic.

Crazy shaped delicious fries and a pickle, Belted Burgers

Crazy shaped delicious fries and a pickle

Dining pal Raymond had a similar burger topped with a fried egg and we both cooed as the yolk oozed in a delicious meld of flavours. It was agreed that we hadn’t enjoyed a burger so much in a long time.

The positives kept coming. Burgers are accompanied by chips as standard and I upgraded to sweet potato fries. They were insanely moreish and delicious; a perfect blend of sweet and salty. Raymond stuck with regular chips and they were also excellent, almost like thick crisps. Not rectangular but circular shavings of potato, fried off enough to not be soggy but not so much as to snap. A strong contender for the best fries in Edinburgh, I say.

Beautiful sweet potato fries

Beautiful sweet potato fries

Our side of mac’n’cheese was calorifically unnecessary, but absolutely essential for its deliciousness. Liquid gold topped with a shelf of rich cheese, it was deeply savoury, like you want mac’n’cheese to be.

Macaroni cheese Belted Burgers

Macaroni cheese: yes please

What’s the secret to Belted Burgers’ success? It’s the commitment to good ingredients. All their meat comes from the Belted Galloway cows on their own farm in Dumfries and Galloway, so you can trace your beef from farm to fork. They use all the cuts, including the good stuff, from cows whose diet they control. The difference is in the flavour for sure, so get “mooving” and find out for yourself as soon you can.


Amy dined at the invitation of Belted Burgers.


Belted Burgers

57a Frederick Street

Edinburgh, EH2 1LH

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