Brewdog Punk AGM 2018: A Tale of Two Burgers

The Buffalo Truck classic burger

This was our third visit to the AECC for a Brewdog Punk AGM. Partner Raymond has been an Equity Punk since early in the scheme’s launch, whilst my career with small food businesses spurred a keen interest in Brewdog’s insane growth trajectory and marketing approach. Over the years, the AGM has grown…

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Things we love – Edinburgh Festivals 2015 Part 2

Simple, good food from Enroot

A few more places that have caught our eye this August Enroot 21 and 22 August, Location: 67 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AU. Cost£10 booking fee, then pay what you feel There’s been plenty of chatter about Enroot amongst foodies in Edinburgh”a nomadic, grassroots venture that travels around hosting farm-to-table events…

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Just Burgers and Beers: Got Beefs?

Mac Attack: get stuck in

I’ll admit it. My favourite food in the whole world is the humble, everyday sandwich. I can’t get enough of ’em. And really, a burger is just a beefier take on the sandwich, isn’t it? So if there’s one thing I’m always happy to sample, it’s a burger. Lucky for…

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