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We eat a lot of soup in this household. Maybe it is because we live in Scotland and temperatures are not high, but we eat it most days. I love making my own soup, but sometimes, there just isn’t time or I’ve not got the right ingredients.

Glorious Soup

I first came across Glorious Soups soon after they launched. They came along to a Food Festival here in Edinburgh and gave out samples. We loved what we tasted and have been firm fans ever since.

We’re very lucky in Edinburgh to have our own Soup Cafe, Union of Genius. Their flavours are innovative and delicious. But most of you cannot come and eat their soup in the cafe or order a takeaway. So let me suggest an alternative.

Glorious have an A to Z of flavours. Their soups are inspired by recipes from all over the world from San Antonio to Goa. Our all time favourite is named Sunny Thai Days. It is at once comforting and exotic. In common with all the soups it is packed full of vegetables and no additives. This soup is part of the Meal Soup range.

Can a fresh soup be just as good as your own? Can it offer a good alternative to tinned soup? The answer to both questions is yes. Glorious soups have generous sell by dates – often up to 3 weeks from when you purchase. And of course they freeze well too! Tinned soup is so often flat and bland.

In the days when Innocence Smoothies were new, I used to love reading the descriptions on the bottles. They always made me smile. The Glorious soup names and descriptions are equally engaging and amusing.  Take Thai Tuk Tuk and Turmeric for example:

Fusing the fragrant flavours of lemongrass, ginger, lime and coriander with the sweetness of carrot, a little coconut, scootering past endless paddy fields and haggling in noisy markets while crazy tuk-tuks zoom past.

Serving suggestion – enjoy while sitting near a miniature Buddhist statue.

Just what you need to brighten up a dull lunchtime! This soup is part of the Skinnylicious range. All have less than 2% fat and are under 150 calories per portion and every flavour in the range is vegetarian. These are lighter soups, and perfect for hotter days.

Taste Test

We tried three of the eight Skinnylicious soups on your behalf.

New England in Autumn New England in Autumn

A very nice balance between the sweetness of the butternut squash and the spicing from the cumin and other spices.

Rating: Excellent

Singapore FlingSingapore Fling

A thinner,  tomato based soup, with a sweet tangy and slightly hot taste. The basmati rice is a nice touch

Rating: Good

San Antonio Fiesta

San Antonio Fiesta

Spicy hot with a rich bean and tomato-y flavour with a nice crunch

Rating: Very Good

Other flavours include Thai Tuk Tuk and Turmeric, Persian Hug, More Bangalore, Goa Express, Sun Kissed in Italy. I’ll leave you to guess the flavours!

Find out more

The Glorious Foods website has full information on the soups and an interactive Flavour Map – a crowdsourced map of global flavours. You can add something you’ve tasted and also search the map to find new tastes and flavours around the world. Glorious are using the map to develop new flavours.

Most major supermarkets stock the soups although varieties stocked do vary. Look out for the Special Edition soups which pop up throughout the year.

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Edinburgh Foody received vouchers for Glorious soup as part of a bloggers  challenge. Read more about how we approach writing about places or products we have been invited to try.

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